About Us

Welcome to ZENFO

We at ZENFO, our core philosophy is Trusting, imaginative, communicator, Compassionate and Intellectual these five terms encompass everything that we offer,like out of the box.

Zenfo means to catch or take something,the word that express action or a state of being. We always using specially produced detailing aid or consumer promotion using innovative marketing techniques.

Every Zenfo product and service is a testament to its uncompromising quality standards, All products are manufactured in facilities that are approved by major global regulatory agencies including the USFDA, MHRA,EMA,TGA

Zenfo has created a unique portfolio of products in key segments like Anti -infective, Nutritional Supplements for all age groups, Pain management etc
Our belief is guided by our principle Empathy and Dynamism which provides both guidance for our current behaviour and inspiration for our future action.

Zenfo strive to respond sensitivity to consumer needs, researching and developing scientifically proven health care solutions of a quality and efficacy suitable for world health care market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading global pharmaceutical company by providing high quality, affordable and innovative therapeutic solution for patients with driven medical needs and to contribute towards improving patients quality of life across the globe by providing effective and accessible medicines.

Our Mission

Zenfo is currently developing New chemical entities and set to continue raising the bar of health care excellence, globally in the near future.