Our Medical Directors
The research and development are.

Potharla VY Wang C, Cheng YQ. Identification and characterization of the spiruchostatin biosynthetic gene cluster enable yield improvement by overexpressing a transcriptional activator. *Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology.YQ. New insights into the genetic organization of the FK228 biosynthetic gene cluster in Chromobacterium violaceum no. 968. Applied and Environmental Microbiology.Viswa

  • EIs identification and characterization of the Spiruchostatin bio synthetic gene cluster.
  • ETwitching motility and CAMP levels:signal transduction through a single methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein.
  • EA novel soluble compound C25 Sensitize to TRAIL -induced apoptosis through upregulation of DR5 expression.
  • ENTBC treatment of the pyomelanogenic Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolate PA 1111 Inhibits Pigment production and increases sensitivity to oxidative streess.
  • EIdentification and characterization of the Spiruchostatin biosynthesis gene cluster.
  • ENew insights in to the Gentic organization of FK 228 Biosynthetic Gene cluster.

Dr Viswa Potharla

PhD from University of Wisconsin in Molecular biology

Dr Kristin Ciezki

PhD from University of Wisconsin in Molecular biology
Collaborations and Initiatives.
  • Spearheaded collaboration with Shimadzu Laboratory for Advanced and Applied Analytical Chemistry for detecting and characterizing novel antimicrobials utilizing mass spec technologies.
  • Expanded natural product development efforts with Concordia School of Pharmacy faculty.
  • Recruited to lead research and development project and mock business venture collaboration between Diversey/Sealed Air and Marquette University Upward Bound.
  • ESpecialist in molecular microbilogist with expertise in bench research phase 2-iv sponsored clinical drug/device trials.
  • EResearch scientist:-investigated novel Approaches to antimicrobial Discovery and characterization in a Host pathogen system.
  • EGastroenterology research coordinator Educate attending fellow and resident physician in research study desighn methods regulatory.
  • EMolecular Analysis of the xenocoumacin gene cluster of xenorhabadas Nematophila.
  • Enew insights in to the role of antimicrobials of xenorhabadas in interspecies competition.
  • ER-type bacteriocins of xenorhabadas bovienii determine the outcome of interspecies competition in a natural host environment.
Developed courses and labs in
  • Microbiology (Subject Matter Expert for the University System)
  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy and Physiology I and II
  • E Analysis of multiple secondary metabolites on insect virulence and nematode symbiosis.
  • EDetermination of secondary metabolite function with specific focus on antibiotic activity.
  • EPerformed research experiments associated with my current research program developing new anticancer agents.

Dr.Shane Wesener

PhD from University of Wisconsin in Molecular biology

Dr Praveen Kumar MS

India/Nepal , business Head